The synchronization report.


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Bidirectional synchronization of folders or complete disks under Windows, from disk to disk, from pc to pc, locally or over the network. Data security for documents that need to be edited on multiple computers. Transport of documents on portable disc, usb key etc ...


Aragon-Technologies software development company.

Bi-directional synchronization of complete folders or disks locally or on a network. Data security for documents that need to be edited on multiple computers. Transport of documents on mobile media, backup ...

Software management of disk duplexing called disk mirroiring in RAID mode: a technique that duplicates the contents of a volume on two different hard disks to ensure good fault tolerance. Reduced risk of data loss in the event of storage media failure.

Synchronization of local folders in a cloud. Cloud synchronization.

The synchronization report.

At the end of each synchronization a report is created in which all the operations carried out are recorded. This report is displayed in the application window and is saved at the root of each of the synchronized folders and contains the details of the operations performed on each of the folders. You can therefore easily find the modifications made by WinSynchro in a folder. Recording of reports can be disabled in the application options. This file is called WinSynchroLog.txt and opens by default with Windows Notepad or your default text file editor.

The synchronization 

Example of the synchronization report of 2 small synchronized folders:

Bidirectional synchronization of D:\WinSynchro Tutorial\A\ and D:\WinSynchro Tutorial\B \

Date and time: 03/02/2021 08:56:52

Uplink synchronization: 3 files created 0 files updated

Files created:

D:\WinSynchro Tutorial\B\document 1.docx
D:\WinSynchro Tutorial\B\document 4.docx
D:\WinSynchro Tutorial\B\document 5.docx

Files Updated:

Backward synchronization: 0 files created 2 files updated

Files created:

Files Updated:

D:\WinSynchro Tutorial\A\document 2.docx
D:\WinSynchro Tutorial\A\document 3.docx

Open WinSesame Protected Folders Not Synchronized:

Unsynchronized files:

Deleted files: