Synchronizing a cloud with WinSynchro.


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Bidirectional synchronization of folders or complete disks under Windows, from disk to disk, from pc to pc, locally or over the network. Data security for documents that need to be edited on multiple computers. Transport of documents on portable disc, usb key etc ...


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Bi-directional synchronization of complete folders or disks locally or on a network. Data security for documents that need to be edited on multiple computers. Transport of documents on mobile media, backup ...

Software management of disk duplexing called disk mirroiring in RAID mode: a technique that duplicates the contents of a volume on two different hard disks to ensure good fault tolerance. Reduced risk of data loss in the event of storage media failure.

Synchronization of local folders in a cloud. Cloud synchronization.

Synchronizing a cloud with WinSynchro.

Synchronization of local folders between remote computers using a cloud.

You use a cloud (OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, Hubic ovh, Amazon Drive, Orange cloud, SFR cloud etc ...). These systems create a local cloud folder on your computer which is updated regularly with the online cloud allowing you to find your files on another device connected to the same cloud. Only files present in your local cloud folder are updated in the remote cloud and therefore on your other devices but you don't want or may not be able to move some of your local folders to your local cloud folder. Winsynchro will allow you to sync all desired local folders to your cloud folder without having to move your folders. You continue to use your local folders as before but these are synchronized in the cloud folder and therefore on your other devices connected to the same cloud.

For example you are using OneDrive installed by default with Windows 10. During installation, a OneDrive folder was created in your user folder (which you can also move). The files and folders that you transfer to the OneDrive folder will end up identically in the OneDrive folder on your other devices. But only the OneDrive folder. However, you have a particular folder in your documents that you would like to be able to access from your other devices, but for a lot of reasons you prefer that this folder remain in its current location. Use WinSynchro and create a recurring schedule to sync this folder with an image of it located in the OneDrive folder. This folder is now initially available in the OneDrive folder on all your other devices. On all your other devices, proceed in the same way with this folder to synchronize it from OneDrive to the folder that suits you and which does not have to be the same on all your computers. To do this, WinSynchro must be installed on all your devices (find out about multi-user licenses). This folder is now bidirectionally synchronized between all your computers in a completely transparent way.

Other possible use of the system:

Remote synchronization of email folders.
Remote database synchronization.
Replacement of a client-server infrastructure by a more modern solution built around a cloud.