How to access my computer documents from my phone or my tablet?


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Bidirectional synchronization of folders or complete disks under Windows, from disk to disk, from pc to pc, locally or over the network. Data security for documents that need to be edited on multiple computers. Transport of documents on portable disc, usb key etc ...


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Bi-directional synchronization of complete folders or disks locally or on a network. Data security for documents that need to be edited on multiple computers. Transport of documents on mobile media, backup ...

Software management of disk duplexing called disk mirroiring in RAID mode: a technique that duplicates the contents of a volume on two different hard disks to ensure good fault tolerance. Reduced risk of data loss in the event of storage media failure.

Synchronization of local folders in a cloud. Cloud synchronization.

How to access my computer documents from my phone or my tablet?

You want to to access documents on your computer from your mobile devices, iOS or Android phones or tablets, even when your computer is turned off!

You will take advantage of the perfect complementarity between an online cloud and local synchronization by WinSynchro to access the folders that interest you on your mobile devices.

An online cloud must be installed on the computer and all devices that need to access that computer. There are a large number of them (OneDrive, DropBox, Hubic ovh, Amazon Drive, Orange cloud, SFR cloud etc...). OneDrive is installed with Windows 10 and can be used, but for this application we recommend Dropbox, which is very easy to install on the computer and often originally installed on smartphones and tablets (otherwise very easy and quick to install). The account to which you connect your cloud will thus be independent of your Microsoft account, which does not prevent you from continuing to use OneDrive elsewhere. When installing DropBox, a DropBox folder was created at the location of your choice (you can move this folder). We recommend that you place it at the root of the drive where your documents are saved.
You must have WinSynchro Professional version. Everything is ready.

Now just use WinSynchro to synchronize the folders you want to access from your mobile devices with the DropBox folder.

For example you have in your documents a "My Memories" folder where you regularly write what happens to you, store notes and sometimes photos of recorded sounds etc ... Create a new empty folder in the DropBox folder. You can call it "My Memories" which is the simplest but you don't have to give it another name.

Now click on this folder with the right button and in the contextual menu which appears, choose "Synchronize with ..." The window of WinSynchro opens and the path to this folder is present in the top field.

Click on the second Browse button

The context menu of 

The bidirectional synchronization box must be checked.

Find your "My Memories" folder:

The contextual menu of WinSynchro

Do not select anything in this window, leave the default name of the temporary marker file and just click save. Click on the Synchronize button:

The contextual menu of 

This first manual synchronization copied the files in your "My Memories" folder to its image in the DropBox folder.

You must now create a schedule to maintain synchronization of the "My memories" folder with your mobile devices:

Launch WinSynchro from the icon on your desktop or from the Windows Start menu. If the window opens in compact mode click on the Advanced mode button then open the planning tab

The contextual menu of 

Click New. With the first Browse button, select your "My Memories" folder then with the second Browse button, select its image folder in the DropBox folder. Checkboxes should match the image below:

The contextual menu of 

The periodicity can be adjusted according to your needs. A value of 10 Minutes is correct, shorter is unnecessary. You can choose a much larger value if you rarely edit these documents.

Finally click on save. Then close the window.

The contextual menu of 

Your "My Memories" folder is now synchronized and its content is regularly updated. You can edit a file on your computer or on one of your mobile devices. The change is reflected in both directions. You can add files. You can do the same for other folders that you would like to sync.

File format:
If you want to be able to edit your files on all your devices, they must be saved in a format that is compatible with all of them. Some file formats are managed directly by DropBox and can be opened directly (photos, sounds, plain text files ...). For others there is always an app available to install from the store of the device. When a file available in your folder must be opened by a third-party application for reading and writing, you must first click on the menu to the right of this file and activate Make this file accessible offline otherwise you will not be able to modify it. For text files you can of course use plain text files in .txt format. But you will probably prefer the .docx (Word), .xslx (Exel), .pptx (Powerpoint) formats which you are probably already using on your computer.

Deleting files:
For the deletion of synchronized files, refer to the section:
Deleting synchronized files

You can now read and write your "My Memories" folder from your phone or tablet. If your computer is off you always have access to the latest updated version of your files. Your "My Memories" folder will be updated when your computer is turned on.

Tips notes:
To be able to edit documents from a mobile device:
If opening the file requires the use of a third-party DropBox application, in order to be able to modify and save this file, you must first validate the Make accessible offline option from the menu next to this file. This has the additional advantage of being able to modify this file even when there is no network. It will be synchronized again as soon as a network is available.