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How to use WinSynchro?

WinSynchro in compact mode :

WinSynchro in compact mode

WinSynchro File Synchronization folder replication utility, mirroring files and folders


You can access the program from the context menu of a folder or using the shortcut located in the start menu and on the desktop:


The report of synchronization:

The report of synchronization


The report appears automatically at the end of the synchronization or by opening the Report tab.


The synchronization center:

The synchronization center


The synchronization center (professional version only) allows you to save your frequent synchronization operations:


The planning center:

The planning center


The planning center of synchronizations (professional version only) allows you to plan your synchronizations. These synchronizations will be made at time scheduled or at scheduled intervals. The selection of the day allows for example to plan a main backup weekly or to plan backups to a different folder depending on the day of the week.


The settings of the program:

The settings of the program

The possible settings:

  • Opening of the program in advanced mode
  • Reload the latest folders synchronized
  • Bi-directional synchronization by default.
  • Automatic displaying of synchronization report
  • Saving synchronization reports in the folders
  • Automatic closing of the program at the end of synchronization

Security management of the folders protected by WinSesame:

  • Do not synchronize WinSesame folders opened to avoiding to duplicate unencrypted confidential data.
  • Due to encryption, the date and time of latest modification of files in a WinSesame folder can not be read by WinSynchro. In these conditions the modified date of a WinSesame folder is the latest closing date which does not always reflect the real date of the latest modifications of the files included in this folder.


  • List of file extensions that should not be synchronized separated by ",". These files will be ignored.


Synchronize more than 2 files:


Synchronizing a group of files is done using the synchronization center.


To synchronize 3 folders ABC you synchronize in bi-directional mode:

A <=> B

B <=> C

C <=> A


More than 3 folders:


Example 5 folders A B C D E :

You synchronize:

A <=> B

A <=> C

A <=> D

A <=> E

Then again:

A <=> B

A <=> C

A <=> D

A <=> E


The synchronization is complete and there is no limit to the number of folders that you can synchronize.