Synchronization software for folders, disks, clouds.


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Bidirectional synchronization of folders or complete disks under Windows, from disk to disk, from pc to pc, locally or over the network. Data security for documents that need to be edited on multiple computers. Transport of documents on portable disc, usb key etc ...


Aragon-Technologies software development company.

Bi-directional synchronization of complete folders or disks locally or on a network. Data security for documents that need to be edited on multiple computers. Transport of documents on mobile media, backup ...

Software management of disk duplexing called disk mirroiring in RAID mode: a technique that duplicates the contents of a volume on two different hard disks to ensure good fault tolerance. Reduced risk of data loss in the event of storage media failure.

Synchronization of local folders in a cloud. Cloud synchronization.

Synchronization software for folders, disks, clouds.

You need to keep folders, complete drive or a cloud up to date with the latest changes:

WinSynchro: Synchronization software 
for folders, disks, clouds.

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Description :

You bring data from a server at your office to a laptop at home. You need to synchronize your laptop with the server when you leave and when you return. You maintain on a laptop the copy of a large volume of data hosted on a server or your main computer: the synchronization of a large volume of data is incomparably faster than a copy since only files that are not up to date are copied.

You need to maintain complete copies of folders or drive up to date with the latest changes (mirroring of RAID drive). WinSynchro allows you to manage your synchronizations and schedule them for automatic execution at specific time intervals or times.

You use a cloud (OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, Hubic ovh, Amazon Drive, Orange cloud, SFR cloud etc ...) and you do not want or cannot move some of your local folders to the local cloud folder. WinSynchro will allow you to synchronize desired local folders in your cloud folder without having to move them. You continue to use your local folders as before but these are synchronized in the cloud folder and therefore on your other devices connected to the same cloud.
Use your local apps like Cloud Native apps.

You often transport documents from your workplace to your home using a portable hard drive or USB flash drive. You've probably had the experience of overwriting your recently modified files with old ones and losing your job. In addition, you waste an enormous amount of time copying and recopying files that have not been modified unnecessarily.

Thanks to the possibility of performing bidirectional or unidirectional synchronizations, WinSynchro can be used as an automatic or manual backup manager. Backups are very fast since only modified files are backed up. This is a good solution if you are using a cloud as a backup copy.

WinSynchro can be used very quickly from the contextual menu appearing on all the folders and opening a reduced window for bidirectional synchronization of the folder with its image or from the full window giving access to all the advanced functions of the program such as the synchronization center and planning center.

At the end of each planning, a complete report of the operations carried out is created.

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