What free program to lock a folder with a password?


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WinSesame 12

Protect files or folders by strong encryption on any media.

Sending encrypted files that can be used without the software.

Concealment of encrypted data.

Signature and certification of all types of files.


What free program to lock a folder with a password?

WinSesame is a windows application allowing to lock files and folders by password or digital key file on all media or on the network.

Protection des données contre le vol 
d’ordinateurs, de supports mobiles, de sauvegardes, les accès illicites, les 
intrusions sur les réseaux, les programmes espions, etc... Confidentialité des 

WinSesame is available in a fully operational free version with no time limit.

The only limitation of the free version is the maximum size of files and folders that you can lock.

This version is sufficient for common use such as locking files containing your passwords or credit card numbers you use on the internet.

You can then obtain a license for a full version of the program. Classic or Pro version.

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