Using digital key files.


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WinSesame 12

Protect files or folders by strong encryption on any media.

Sending encrypted files that can be used without the software.

Concealment of encrypted data.

Signature and certification of all types of files.


Using digital key files.

The WNS1040 algorithm is a double key-lost symmetric encryption algorithm with no key length limitation (see Algorithms). The second encryption is performed using the content of any file called a digital key.

Choose a file used as a digital key.

We advise you to use a photo in jpg format because even if everyone knows what is in this photo, nobody will ever be able to reconstruct the file which is not the case for example with a plain text file . It is essential that this file is never modified because once it has been used to lock a file, modifying a single byte would make it impossible to open a locked file with it. Take a photo specifically for this purpose. To reduce the risk of modifying this file, change its extension to any extension that does not correspond to any file that can be opened by a double click. In the properties of the file check the Read only box although this is not very reliable. This file must not remain on the same computer as the one where the documents to be protected are stored. Save the file on a USB stick, SD card, your phone or any external mobile device then delete it from your computer . Do not store this file online (downloadable file, cloud, etc.) because you would lower the level of security to that of internet access and storage services which are far from optimal. Make a backup of this WinSesame encrypted key with a password or a phrase that is safe but that you can find. Of course, do not store this backup on the same computer as the one on which the key is to be used. The use of a safe to store a USB key containing an encrypted digital key is a possible solution as part of a secure and reliable strategy.

If you use double encryption in conjunction with the save password option all documents protected with this algorithm can be opened without having to provide any password or the path to the digital signature file provided that the media containing this key is connected to the computer. Take your key holder with you when you leave your desk.

If you have not memorized a password, your protection is optimal since to open a document you must know the password and connect the digital key. If someone knows your password, they don't have the key. If someone steals the key from you, they don't have the password.

There is even a possibility of triple protection: Your digital key file located on a mobile media is protected by a password only or a phrase of the correct length. The documents are protected by a different password from the one used to protect the key and the digital key itself. You must therefore provide the key support, unlock the key using its own password and then use it to open your documents together with the documents password. This type of protection is in fact exaggerated, cumbersome to use and can only be justified in rare cases of the need for the authorization of 2 or 3 people to access a file or in cases of protection of very sensitive data and experiencing frequent attacks.