The different versions of WinSesame:


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WinSesame 12

Protect files or folders by strong encryption on any media.

Sending encrypted files that can be used without the software.

Concealment of encrypted data.

Signature and certification of all types of files.


The different versions of WinSesame:

WinSesame exists in a Pro, Classic or Free version. Choose the one that best suits your needs.


Full version of the program with all the advanced functions available.


Light version intended for basic use of the application. What is not available in the Classic version compared to the Pro version:

No double encryption by key file.

No cleaning of residual data on disk and in memory.

No export of self-extracting archives.


This is a free version of the program intended for use on small amounts of data or for discovering the system before purchasing a full version. Compared to the Classic version, the Free version has the following additional limitations:

Maximum file size: 1MB

No limitation on the duration of use of the software. This is a limited but usable free version and not a demo or trial version.

The folder size limit that you can lock with the free version will allow you to protect a few Word or Exel files in each folder, but will not allow you to protect photo folders or company accounts. Typical uses of the free version: a perfectly secure password manager that will allow you to find all your passwords or an ultra confidential file containing the numbers of the bank card you use for your internet purchases.

IMPORTANT: The free version is limited only for locking but not for opening so that it is always possible to open a WinSesame folder with the free version regardless of its size.

See Descriptive table of the different versions.