Generate reliable and easily remembered passwords:


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Generate reliable and easily remembered passwords:

If you really cannot remember a password that meets the recommended security criteria, you can surely retain a method to generate it. In this way, you will create a "couple" made up of a method that you will not give to anyone and a key phrase that you will also keep to yourself and which can in turn have a low level of security (poem, word of song etc ...). The combination of the method and the key phrase will allow you to find your password. Here is an example method. It is not very difficult to invent your own and keep it to yourself.

The key phrase method:

The key phrase: Choose a proverb, a saying, a movie or book title that is long enough and use this phrase as the key to generate the password. This is deduced from the key phrase by a method of your choice, of which here is an example: keep only the first letters of each word forming the code phrase, and mix the letters obtained with the number of characters forming each word. Illustration: the key phrase is "La vie en rose". The first letters of each word are Lver (respect capital letters!), And the four words are made up of 2, 3, 2 and 4 letters respectively. The chosen password is "Lver2324". Another convention would give preference to letter / number alternation and provide "L2v3e2r4". This method has the advantage of generating pseudo-random passwords, which are a "compression" of a key phrase that is difficult to find in its entirety in order to discover the password.

If this method does not generate a password at the maximum level of security it is anyway better than a very secure password written on a piece of paper or a diary. In addition, this method makes it possible to generate long passwords making it possible to take advantage of the security of algorithms that do not have a length limitation without risk of data loss due to forgetting a password.