How to lock a folder or a file with a password with WinSesame?


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Protect files or folders by strong encryption on any media.

Sending encrypted files that can be used without the software.

Concealment of encrypted data.

Signature and certification of all types of files.


How to lock a folder or a file with a password with WinSesame?

WinSesame allows you to lock files as well as entire folders with a password, a key file or both.

Lock file or folder:

The basic method to lock a file or folder:

Data protection against theft of computers, mobile devices, 
backups, illegal access, network intrusions, spyware, etc. Data privacy.

Right click on the file or folder to lock.

In the context menu that opens, click on WinSesame protection

The WinSesame lock window opens.

Enter the password for this file or folder and confirm it.

Click the Lock button.

This file or folder can now only be opened by someone who knows the password.

The content is encrypted by a strong algorithm.