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WinSesame is a free security software to password protect folders on the hard disk, network, CD, and external drives on Windows 7, Vista, XP computers.  How to password protect a folder?

WinSesame 11: Data protection with a high level of security.

Protect confidential files or folders using strong encryption by password and key file on any media: hard disk, mobile media, network.

Creation of self-extracting encrypted archives that do not require the software to be installed.

Concealing encrypted data behind photos.

Signature and certification of all types of files.

Uses WNS1040 the most powerful encryption algorithm currently available.

How to password protect a folder in windows?

  1. Download WinSesame from this link WinSesame Free
  2. Install the program:

    Install the program
  3. Right-click on the folder icon and select "WinSesame protection" in the context menu:

    context menu
  4. Enter and confirm the password of your choice to protect this folder (the length is not limited). The data will be enchiffred using the encryption algorithm selected in the list (default algorithm is WNS915). 6 algorithms are available.

    Enter and confirm the password of your choice to protect this folder

  5. The icon of the folder or file is modified to indicate that this document is locked. It is no longer possible to open this file or folder without the password. Data is enchiffred so you can bring this file on a external drive or sending it by email. Data stay protected by encryption even if you try to open this file or folder on another computer or operating system.
    The icon of the folder or file is modified to indicate that this document is locked
  6. To open a protected document, double click it.

    Enter the password and click on Open button or press Enter

    Enter the password and click on Open button or press Enter. Once the document is dechiffred, the program will automatically open the document. If it is a folder it is opened in Windows Explorer. If it is a file it will automatically open the application associated with this type of document.

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