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WinSesame is a free security software to password protect folders on the hard disk, network, CD, and external drives on Windows 7, Vista, XP computers.  How to password protect a folder?

WinSesame 11: Data protection with a high level of security.

Protect confidential files or folders using strong encryption by password and key file on any media: hard disk, mobile media, network.

Creation of self-extracting encrypted archives that do not require the software to be installed.

Concealing encrypted data behind photos.

Signature and certification of all types of files.

Uses WNS1040 the most powerful encryption algorithm currently available

New: WinSesame Pro Subscription 0.95 EUR/Month!

WinSesame Classic multi station license. Take advantage of discounts for volume license.

Lifetime license. Instant delivery by email. Automatic activation.

WinSesame running on your computer in less than 5 minutes!

Fast deployment of software: the time required for installation and activation is less than 1 min.

WinSesame Classic:

Single user license:

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WinSesame "Classic" 1 computer

41.00 EUR 32.76 EUR

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Multi station license:    

WinSesame "Classic" up to 2 computers

74.00 EUR

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WinSesame "Classic" up to 5 computers

164.00 EUR

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WinSesame "Classic" up to 10 computers

287.00 EUR

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WinSesame "Classic" up to 20 computers

491.00 EUR

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WinSesame "Classic" up to 50 computers(*)

1023.00 EUR

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WinSesame "Classic" up to 100 computers(*)

1638.00 EUR

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Other quantities please contact us.


Organizations, agencies, large companies, contact us for the establishment of a pro forma invoice. Delivery upon validation by your accounting department. We recommend the use of WinSesame Professional.

(*)The multi station licenses over 20 posts must be validated by our services. The delivery of these licenses is not instantaneous.

You already have a license and want to add additional computers and take advantage of special discount:

  • You have a single user license: Install the software on the additional computer from the link provided for the purchase of your basic license and try to activate. A message will warn you that your token activation is empty and you can not activate this computer. Within 15 minutes you should receive an automatic message giving you a link to purchase a license extension at the special rate. Click on the link and proceed to the payment.
  • You have multi station license : Contact us for an extension of your license.

Terms of Use of multi station licenses:

The computers must all belong to the same organization, the same person or the same family. Sharing multi station license is prohibited. If you are a reseller or integrator, contact us for opening a business account.


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