Automatic activation of the WinSesame application.


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WinSesame 12

Protect files or folders by strong encryption on any media.

Sending encrypted files that can be used without the software.

Concealment of encrypted data.

Signature and certification of all types of files.


Automatic activation of the WinSesame application.

When using the Classic or Pro version for the first time, you must activate the software (the free version does not require activation). The activation dialog opens:

activation of WinSesame.

The program first checks your Internet connectivity. If this fails, check your internet connection and click on the Connect button. As soon as your computer is connected to the server, the entry field for your activation token is activated. Enter the activation token that was provided to you when you purchased the software and click the Submit button.

The online activation procedure is simple, fast and does not transmit any information other than your computer identifier.