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Navigation software.

Free nautical charts. With StarNavPilot you will never need to buy charts. You can scan your own charts, capture them with a digital camera or download the free charts available in our download center..


The StarNavPilot dongle interface:

The optional StarNavPilot dongle interface:

The optional dongle interface StarNavPilot

StarNavPilot with a dongle interface:

Since version 7.1 StarNavPilot can be supplied with a special dongle interface which can be connected to a serial RS232 port or a USB port.
This interface provides the following functions:

Dongle of automatic activation: any computer on which the software is installed is automatically activated when connected to an the interface StarNavPilot. It is possible to change of computer instantly and to use StarNavPilot on multiple computers.

Real NMEA input perfectly adapted to NMEA stream without loss of data with opto-coupled input.

NMEA output with optimization of output sentences for any device requiring NMEA information from the software. The interface and the computer thus become the center of the NMEA stream. NMEA output is used by advanced autopilot function. Any autopilot compatible with the standard GPAPB phrase and connected to the NMEA output of the interface can be controlled by StarNavPilot for accurate tracking on a route. See section Autopilot.

Bypass of the NMEA output allowing to connect directly the NMEA output to the NMEA input. In this case the input data stream is directly send to the output. The by-pass is closed in the following circumstances:

• Interface is not powered.

• Computer is off or StarNavPilot software is not runing on the computer.

• Bypass voluntarily closed by configuration in the software.

Second NMEA input with multiplexer: allows to integrate NMEA data from another device to the GPS data stream. An NMEA electronic compass connected to this input allows to display the boat with its real orientation in addition to his route on the ground and have a direct display of the drift (current, wind). By using a multiplexer connected to this input, data from multiple devices can be added to the main data stream provided by the GPS. For example sounder, wind anemometer.

StarNavPilot without dongle:

StarnavPilot can be used with a direct connection to a NMEA 183 GPS on a serial RS232 port. Under these conditions the software must be activated on the computer with an unlock key.

Wiring diagram:

Wiring diagram


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