StarNavPilot on your tablet.


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StarNavPilot ®

Navigation software.

Free nautical charts. With StarNavPilot you will never need to buy charts. You can scan your own charts, capture them with a digital camera or download the free charts available in our download center..

StarNavPilot on your tablet:

Tutorial for connecting an Android or Apple tablet to the on-board computer with StarNavPilot:

Tutorial for connecting an Android or Apple tablet to the on-board computer with StarNavPilot

The StarNavPilot software is compatible with all versions of Windows but you would also like to be able to use it on your Android or Apple tablet in the cockpit of your boat.

The most flexible solution is to have StarNavPilot installed on the main (which will take advantage of all the power of the computer and the connection to the network of navigation instruments) and to use the tablet like a remote screen.

There are several methods but we have chosen the only one usable by all without any knowledge on networks while being completely reliable.

Here's how:

We will use the TeamViewer system (free version) usually used for internet desktop sharing. With a very simple small configuration, this system can operate on a local network without internet connection.

You therefore need to create a local Wi-Fi network on your boat. You can of course use a wifi router without internet connection but the easiest way is to use a simple Android smartphone that you no longer use. This phone need only to be compatible wifi and 3G (4G, 3G or even edge anyway you will not use the connection). It does not need a SIM card nor a phone plan. You probably have one in a drawer or go to a flea market you will find one for a few euros. This phone will be plugged into on a small charger with negligible consumption. On this phone first deactivate the wifi, activate the 3G and create a connection sharing with an SSID name (eg the name of the boat) and a password. The wifi will then be reactivated in server mode and your wifi network created with its DHCP server (the service which automatically supplies IP addresses to devices).

On your computer go to the connections and connect it to this wifi network (select the phone's SSID in the list of available wifi networks and enter the password). Check the "automatic connection" checkbox. On the connection icon you should see a yellow question mark which indicates that you do not have internet access and this is normal.

On your tablet go to wifi connections and do the same (select the same SSID and enter the password).

Your computer and tablet are now connected to the local WiFi network of your boat.

If you have not already done so, install TeamViewer for Windows on your PC and TeamViewer for Android or IOS on your tablet.

Launch TeamViewer on the computer and go to the options. In Incoming LAN Connection select Accept exclusively.

In the Allow remote control section you see that the computer id is now replaced by an IP address (supplied by the DHCP server of your local wifi network). A password is provided to you to authorize sharing.

Launch TeamViewer on the tablet and enter the computer ID (IP address) in the Partner ID field and provide the password. In the parameters accessible by the gear at the bottom, it is preferable to leave the resolution on Do not modify (depending on the resolutions of your screens).

The connection is established and the computer screen is displayed on the tablet. A small TeamViewer window appears at the bottom right of the screen which can be minimized.

Launch StarNavPilot on the computer.

StarNavPilot is now available on your main computer and on your tablet. All functions are available on both devices.

No internet connection is necessary and it therefore works even at sea.

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