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StarNavPilot ®

Navigation software.

Free nautical charts. With StarNavPilot you will never need to buy charts. You can scan your own charts, capture them with a digital camera or download the free charts available in our download center..

StarNavPilot : Navigation software, multifunction  display, chartplotter.

StarNavPilot is not only a navigation software, but a full-sized multifunction-display

StarNavPilot is not only a navigation software, but a full-sized multifunction  display at the size of your screen allowing optimal use of the screen surface for the displaying of all instruments in small aesthetic independent windows contrasted for a good visibility of the repeaters. Your screen is configurable and composition templates are available.

Compatible with all GPS NMEA

Compatible with all NMEA GPS, whatever the mode of connection USB, serial, Bluetooth. Automatic detection of GPS and NMEA version. Fully plug and play no configuration required. Run the software, turn on the GPS, you are located on the chart.

Optional dongle interface StarNavPilot

StarNavPilot dongle interface option: the GPS can be connected to the computer via an interface with integrated dongle of activation, adapter NMEA, NMEA multiplexer and advanced autopilot function (satellite guidance). Any computer connected to the interface is automatically activated. This solves all the problems in case of change of computer, backup computer, or multiple computers on board.

AIS : Automatic Identification System

AIS reception (Automatic Identification System) with automatic detection of the receiver. No configuration required. Connect your receiver (AIS beacon, AIS receiver, VHF with AIS ...) to your PC and within one minute the vessels around you are displayed on the chart allowing access to all information on them. Increased safety of navigation in heavy traffic areas.

GRIB files

Downloading and displaying of GRIB files is automatic. You have no file to handle, to load, etc. .. The GRIB files are downloaded directly in the program from a server. The GRIB file server of StarNavPilot provides worldwide coverage. StarNavPilot optimizes the downloading of GRIB files so that the time requiring availability of an internet connection is reduced to a minimum.

Free download nautical charts

Downloading of nautical charts from the download center of StarNavPilot. All the charts from the download center are provided for free and can be automatically installed in StarNavPilot. We provide registered users of StarNavPilot with american charts and french costal charts. Links to other sources of free nautical charts are available in the downlaod center.

Utilisation de cartes sous tout format graphique issus de : appareil photo numérique, scanner, captures d'écran, rasters de cartes... plus formats BSB 1,2,3,4 non cryptés.

Using charts in any graphical format from: digital camera, scanner, screen shots, raster maps ... and BSB unencrypted formats . Compatible with the format of the charts provided for free by the government of the United States and all countries providing their charts for free. Digitize paper charts quickly and easily with your camera. Correction of documents even in case deformations due to the shot.

ENC S57 vector charts

S57 ENC support: An Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) is navigational features in a vector format. That is achieved by digitizing each feature’s geometry into a specific object. NOAA cartographers collect the vector features according to a data standard, called the S-57 format, recognized by international treaties obtained through the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).

Interopérabilité avec Google maps pour un géoréférencement et des corrections très précises des documents. Transmission directe de la position d'un point remarquable de Google maps vers StarNavPilot pour correction de la position de ce point sur la carte sans limite du nombre de point de correction par carte.

Interoperability with Google maps for geo-referencing and corrections of the documents. Direct transmission of the position of a remarkable point from Google maps to StarNavPilot for correcting the position of the point on the chart. Unlimited number of correction points per chart. Location of points on Google maps from positions on StarNavPilot. Transmitting the position by the clipboard with any software using the standard format for coordinates.


Speech synthesizer : Following of the route, XTE alarm, navigation reports, alarm of approach of a hazardous area... The only maritime navigation software with voice synthesizer.

Le moteur de positionnement étant indépendant nous pouvons fournir différent moteurs adaptés a des usage spéciaux. Télétransmission de position a terre, suivi d'une flotte de mobile, télécommande de drones, balise de positionnement autonomes...

As the positioning engine is independent of the program, we can supply various engines suitable for special applications. Transmission of positions to the shore, tracking of a fleet of mobile, remote control of drones, tracking beacons positioning ... The marine version is supplied with a standard engine positioning NMEA 183 with automatic detection of GPS and NMEA version plus a simulator type positioning engine.

Création de routes avec zone d'écart de route maximum variable. Alarme sur écart de route visuelle et vocale. Pas de limite du nombre de routes ni du nombre de points de route par route. Possibilité d'inverser une route pour obtenir une route de retour.

Creation of routes with variable maximum course deviation area. Visual and vocal XTE alarm (if the vocal synthesis is available in your language). No limit on the number of routes or the number of waypoints per route. Reversing of the route for a way back. Automatic selection of the most appropriate route section from the starting position.

Nombre illimité de marques de parcours configurables et personnalisable par tout type de fichiers graphiques.

Unlimited number of marks configurable and customizable with any type of graphics file of all sizes: icons, photographs.

Tous les affichages sont configurables; couleur épaisseur et style de tous les traits, caractères, icônes, bateau, alidade etc...

All displays are configurable: color, thickness, style of lines, characters, icons, boat, bearing line, etc ...

Enregistrement de la trace du bateau sans limite du nombre de points et possibilité de transformer une trace en route.

Saving the trace of the boat with unlimited number of points and ability to turn a trace on route.

Fonction homme à la mer relayant automatiquement le déclenchement de la fonction MOB du gps ou de tout dispositif de détection automatique de chute à la mer d'une personne.

The man overboard function automatically relays the MOB function of the GPS receiver or any device for automatic detection of loss overboard of a person.

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