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StarNavPilot ®

Navigation software.

Free nautical charts. With StarNavPilot you will never need to buy charts. You can scan your own charts, capture them with a digital camera or download the free charts available in our download center..

StarNavPilot: Software purchase and instant delivery

Buy a license:

License valid without time limit, reactivable when you change of computer.
Free updates with no time limit.
Complete with no additional modules to buy.
Free technical assistance.
Instant delivery by email with your activation code.

Price : USD 257.00 USD 230.67
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Available options:

Multiplexer MUX043-2 S with integrated dongle:
Multiplexer 4 inputs allowing the connection of all navigation devices to the computer and taking full advantage of the mulitifunction display mode and autopilot by computer.
Integrated dongle (hardware key) allowing the software to be used on any computer connected to this multiplexer without the need of activation.
Multiplexer NMEA MUX043-2 S with integrated dongle
The proposed price takes into account a discount of 25% if purchased at the same time as the license.
If you already have a license contact-us.

Prix : USD 199.00
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GPS21 Reinforced GPS active antenna NMEA with high performance:
High-performance GPS antenna with reinforced mechanical characteristics using a new-generation GPS chipset:
Receiver type: 22 tracking / 66 acquisition channels GPS. 210 PRN channels.
Frequency of calculation: GPS high frequency allowing very stable positioning and displacement data.
High-performance GPS antenna with reinforced mechanical characteristics 
using a new-generation GPS chipset
Available with vertical or horizontal cable outlet.

Prix : USD 326.00

With vertical cable outlet:
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With horizontal cable outlet:
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Mono and bidirectional USB-NMEA/AIS adapter cables:
Adapter cables allowing the connection of any NMEA 0183 GPS or AIS receiver (AIS transponder, VHF with integrated AIS, AIS receiver) to a USB computer socket.
USB-NMEA-AIS adapter
Monodirectional: For the connection of a NMEA GPS or an AIS receiver to a USB socket of the computer.

Prix : USD 59.00
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Bidirectional: For connecting an NMEA GPS and an autopilot to a USB socket of the computer.

Prix : USD 66.00
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StarNavPilot Grand Large offer:

StarNavilot Grand Large

StarNavPilot + GPS + Multiplexer + AIS connection=

Installation without any internet connection or download.

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