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StarNavPilot ®

Navigation software.

Free nautical charts. With StarNavPilot you will never need to buy charts. You can scan your own charts, capture them with a digital camera or download the free charts available in our download center..

Autopilot and GPS guidance:

In the software StarNavPilot, even if the term of autopilot is maintained for a better understanding, it is actually a GPS guidance. A simple autopilot connected to the StarNavPilot interface transforms it into an efficient system for GPS guidance.

Difference between autopilot and GPS guidance or satellite guidance:

The automatic piloting consists simply in maintaining the boat to a constant orientation between the axis of the boat and the magnetic North. This device does not guarantee that the boat will move in a straight line or it will reach the intended position. A boat rarely moves on its axis. Even if the ship maintains a constant orientation relative to magnetic North, it undergoes drift. These deviations are due to current, wind, and the effect of corrections of helm which are not necessarily the same on both sides of the course (especially on a sailboat). The boat will not reach the destination point and this technique can not be used to automatically maintain the vessel in a security zone or to prevent danger.

The GPS guidance, also known as the satellite guidance system because GPS uses a constellation of satellites, is a device for driving the ship from the starting point of a route (or route segment) to a point of destination (or a point of change of destination) named waypoint while keeping the boat precisely on a straight line from the starting point to the destination point. This system does not use magnetic north as baseline data. Even if a compass is used to orient the boat, heading information to follow the route vary continuously to keep the boat on a straight line. It would be possible as well to use a gyroscope without any reference to magnetic north. A route is not necessarily a straight line between two points, but may be the result of a succession of several sections of route to follow a channel with an unknown number of waypoints and route segments. The passage from a segment of route to another and the necessary change of course will be managed automatically.

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