Why use an NMEA multiplexer?


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Maritime navigation and piloting software that adapts to all types of navigation. Whether you are sailing for pleasure or for work. Whether you use a sailing boat or a motor boat.

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Why use an NMEA multiplexer?

An NMEA multiplexer makes it possible to collect data from all navigation instruments and make them available to navigation software. For example you connect to the multiplexer:

Your GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Baidu type positioner ...

Your Wind vane anemometer.

Your echosounder.

Your electronic compass.

Your autopilot.

Your computer.

By installing StarNavPilot on the computer and using the central multifunction screen navigation mode, all your navigation instruments are available on your screen. You can enjoy the advantages of automatic piloting of the satellite guidance type. If you also connect a touchscreen tablet to StarNavPilot in wifi, everything is accessible on this tablet, including the autopilot controls.

For optimal use with StarNavPilot we recommend the MUX043-2 S multiplexer.
This multiplexer is specially designed for StarNavPilot.

multiplexer 4 inputs MUX043-2 S

See more information on The MUX043-2S multiplexer

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