Why does StarNavPilot use a separate communication port for AIS and NMEA data?


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Why does StarNavPilot use a separate communication port for AIS and NMEA data?

StarNavPilot uses two completely separate streams for NMEA data and AIS data. Each of the flows has its own service that is completely independent from each other. Why?

AIS is subject to saturation in or near port areas and areas with heavy traffic, or precisely it is the most useful. In the event of a disturbance in the transmission of AIS messages (interference, incomplete or inconsistent message, piling up, etc.), the position information of a vessel in the area may be delayed, which is not too serious. On the other hand, if the NMEA data (position of your own boat, course tracking information, data from your navigation instruments, autopilot data, etc.) are multiplexed with AIS, it may suffer a significant delay in the event of saturation of the data stream due to AIS. This is a real problem and it arises mainly in areas where reliability is most important. The only solution to this problem is to completely separate the reception and processing of NMEA and AIS streams.

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