What is the Variable Track Deviation Tolerance?


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What is the Variable Track Deviation Tolerance?

Routes with variable route XTE tolerance:

Creating routes with 
variable maximum route deviation area

A route in StarNavPilot.

In StarNavPilot a route section (a route can be a succession of route sections) is not a line but a surface. This route section therefore has a central axis and two edges parallel to this axis at a distance representing the authorized route deviation tolerance (XTE). As long as the boat is between the two edges of the section of route and therefore on the surface formed by this section of route, it is considered to be on its route. As soon as it passes one of the two edges of the section, the program signals it by various displays concerning the route follow-up and by audible alarms and voice messages depending on the configuration. The sections of a route can have different route deviation tolerances which makes it possible to follow a route more precisely in a channel or a narrow passage than in a free area on either side of the axis . This is very interesting for sailboats which can thus navigate in complete safety even when tacking to go upwind.

In addition to the course deviation alarms, this tolerance distance is also used by the automatic piloting of the GPS guidance type for the calculation of the route catching angles and the management of the passage from a section of route to a other.

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