What is the SmartCPA?


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What is the SmartCPA?

SmartCPA anticollisionThe SmartCPA is an intelligent anti-collision system that takes into account the speed and type of ships encountered to trigger a visual and audible alarm.
If you are sailing on a full size pleasure sailboat, you have often seen another sailboat at a reasonable distance but still close enough to be able to wave your hand to the helmsman of that boat. It will not occur to you to get close enough to a container ship 300 meters long and 60 wide advancing at 25 knots to be able to wave to the helmsman. If you passed the first one within 50 meters you will probably prefer to keep at least 500 meters between you and the container ship.

This is exactly what the SmartCPA system does by adapting the triggering of the anti-collision alarm according not only to the road but also to the speed and characteristics of the boats on or near your route. StarNavPilot's anti-collision alarm continuously calculates not only the possible points of intersection of the routes of all the boats in the area, but also the approach distances. The system will take into account the characteristics of the vessel transmitted by the AIS to determine whether this approach distance is acceptable or not.

Triggering of a visual and audible collision risk alarm:

alarme ais smartcpa

The voice synthesis will announce: 'Attention risk of collision in 5 minutes'.