What are the possible configurations of the boat display?


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What are the possible configurations of the boat display?

The default display of the boat on the chart:

StarNavPilot boat-display

This representation of the boat includes:

The boat can be drawn vector or by selecting an image available in the program library or on the computer (bitmap file).
It is possible to modify the color, the size, the basic orientation on the bottom, or on the surface with in this case visualization of the drift.

A rose for orientation in relation to the course of the boat (0 to 180 ° and 0 to -180 °) or to the North (0 to 360 °), the color and size of which are configurable.

A heading line whose thickness, length and color can be modified. With a separate display of the drift by a surface heading line.

A course projection drawing that allows an extrapolation of the future position of the boat. The scale varies according to the speed, the scale of the chart, the zoom level. Its color, thickness and width are adjustable.

For sailboats, a wind arrow shows the real or apparent wind, the real wind in the area with its geographical orientation and its speed. The size of the arrow, its color, its distance from the boat are configurable

The depth of the water, the color of which is changeable.

It is possible to choose the elements to display or not.

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