StarNavPilot foolproof operating stability.


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StarNavPilot ®

Computer-aided maritime navigation.

Maritime navigation and piloting software that adapts to all types of navigation. Whether you are sailing for pleasure or for work. Whether you use a sailing boat or a motor boat.

World compatible navigation software.

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StarNavPilot foolproof operating stability.

Stabilité du logiciel :

StarNavPilot une stabilité de 
fonctionnement à toute épreuve

The stability of navigation software is an important element. Navigation software is dynamic and can be used for long periods, sometimes several weeks without interruption. It is dependent on the external instruments it is connected (GPS, AIS, pilot, data multiplexer, etc.). On boats of modest size having little autonomy in it must be able to withstand without problem the standby of the computer and be immediately available when the computer wakes up. To achieve this but StarNavPilot uses a service technology (like the Windows 10 operating system). A service is an independent executable module launched, controlled, then closed by a service manager which is also independent but controlled by the main module. The StarNavPilot service manager able to fix the failure of a module by stopping and restarting it reliably. For example, communication with navigation instruments via USB ports uses several services. With software that does not use this technology, the fact of violently unplugging a USB plug (on purpose or because of a bad contact) causes the program or even the computer to freeze, requiring manual intervention. With StarNavPilot, it is possible to disconnect a USB plug and even reconnect it to another socket without causing more than a few seconds of positioning delay since the ports used by the different devices (GPS, AIS) are detected automatically. It is inconceivable to think that an anti-collision safety system could not work due to some problem. In a serious case of failure that cannot be resolved by restarting a module, the service manager is able to restart the complete software which will find itself in a few seconds in exactly the same situation as before the problem (position, route active, chart, etc ...). StarNavPilot uses 41 modules, the majority of which are services.
This technology allows StarNavPilot to achieve this exemplary stability so appreciated by users.

The stress test:

In order to highlight this characteristic and in order to detect any code defect that could cause problems, StarNavPilot has undergone without any failure the stress test consisting of using a special configuration to run for 5 hours at a speed of 1000 times its normal operating speed. The success of this test demonstrates the quality of the code used and the absence of any synchronization fault between the different modules.

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