StarNavPilot: Using nautical charts scans:


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StarNavPilot: Using nautical charts scans:

StarNavPilot can use all graphic file formats. Any reproduction of a nautical chart for which you know at least the position of two points can therefore be loaded and used. At installation, this chart must however be geo-referenced. This operation simply consists in providing the coordinates of 2 known points on the chart. If it is a reproduction of a paper nautical chart, the parallels and the meridians are generally represented on the chart. It is therefore sufficient to use the parallel / meridian crossings closest to the NW and SE corners of the chart as a reference points. The geo-referencing of this type of document takes only a few seconds.

Using nautical charts scans

How do I get chart scans?

- Have your paper charts scanned. If you already have the paper charts for your area of navigation, no need to spend money buying the same charts in digital version. Have them scanned in a digital printer or copy-shop (most of these establishments have A0 scanners for scanning a large format nautical chart). The operation will cost you only a few Euros per chart and the result will be the same as the purchase of the chart in digital version.

- Take a pictures of your charts with a quality digital camera. StarNavPilot has all the functions necessary to perform geo-referencing of a chart even affected by deformations due to shooting defects (optical deformation due to a non-perfect lens, tilt when shooting, etc.). You can create as many correction points as necessary on the chart and use Google Maps to create these correction points directly.

- Take screenshots on the internet websites that allow you to display nautical charts (or even download, print, etc.). Use these screenshots and geo-reference them with StarNavPilot to obtain quality charts (make captures on several parts of charts with a slight overlap that you mount in a graphic editor (GIMP for example). Have a look at the conditions of use of the website if you have the right to do so.

- Some websites distribute charts scans (check the legality of the distribution).

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