Routes with variable maximum course deviation


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Routes with variable maximum course deviation

Création de routes 
avec zone d'écart de route maximum variable

StarNavPilot allows you to create and follow routes whose the authorized course deviation limits vary from a section of the route to another. This is an original feature of this software that has always made it popular on sailboats. All exceeding the authorized course deviation triggers the alarms visual and sound by voice synthesis. This allows to force to follow the route precisely in a narrow channel or passage then to be much more tolerant in an area where there are water to sail on either side. This aspect is very interesting for sailing boats, allowing you to navigate in full safety even when pulling edges to go upwind. In these conditions the route becomes a real safety area the interior of which you can enjoy the wind freely to sail the boat forward in the best conditions.

This management mode route is particularly important to take advantage of advanced functions of automatic piloting enabled by this software. This connected program to an autopilot will allow the use of the characteristics of the route for optimal guidance from departure to arrival with perfect negotiation of changes in sections of route, the tolerance granted on the current route section and the approach to waypoints. We no longer talk about autopilot but satellite guidance.

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