Magnetic compensation of the compass and autopilot:


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Magnetic compensation of the compass and autopilot:

All instruments using magnetic angle values to North are susceptible to error due to surrounding metal masses. This error called deviation must be compensated. The deviation concerns magnetic compasses and autopilots whose reference is given by a magnetic sensor. Autopilot deviation is unlikely to be the same as that of the compass.

StarNavPilot uses the magnetic compass heading (if available) to display the boat's drift. If the compass deviates, the indicated drift will be wrong.

StarNavPilot sends a magnetic heading instruction to the autopilot. If the autopilot magnetic sensor deviates, the boat's heading will not be correct. This does not mean that the boat will not follow its course since StarNavPilot will constantly compensate the instruction to keep the boat on its course. However, a major error will result in poor road stability due to incessant catching up. The boat will tend to "pull" on the edge and may follow a parallel course but slightly offset from the ideal course.

StarNavPilot allows the magnetic compass and autopilot to be corrected independently by entering the compass and pilot deviation curves. The magnetic compensation of the compass and pilot is carried out at the level of NMEA communication as soon as data is received from a magnetic compass and just before data is sent to an automatic pilot. In this way the program only knows "correct" magnetic data.

 magnetic deviation

Loading a deviation curve for the compass or autopilot.

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