List of free nautical charts Europe France supplied with StarNavPilot.


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List of free nautical charts Europe France supplied with StarNavPilot.

StarNavPilot: A complete product ready to sail supplied with a complete nautical chart collection of the French coasts.

Overview of the nautical chart collection provided for free with StarNavPilot:

United States Est Coast

United States West Coast

Europe France

Brittany and Channel:

Les cartes marines gratuites zone Bretagne et 

Atlantic coast:

Les cartes marines 
gratuites zone Atlantique de la Bretagne à la frontière 

Mediterranean sea and Corsica:

Les cartes marines gratuites zone Méditerranée et 

Antilles :

Les cartes marines 
gratuites zone 

Detail of the nautical chart collection provided free of charge with StarNavPilot:

This is a raster nautical chart collection of 93 linked charts covering the entire French coast from the Belgian border to the Spanish border for the Atlantic coast and from the Spanish border to the Italian border plus Corsica for the Mediterranean coast and French Caribbean islands.


P821 From the Frontière Belge to Calais

P822 Cap Gris Nez

P822 Cap Gris Nez Boulogne

P824 From Touquet to the pointe du Hourdel

P825 From the Baie to the Somme to St.Valery en Caux

P826 From St.Valery en Caux to the Cap D'Antifer

P827 From cap D'Antifer to the embouchure de la Seine

P828 From the embouchure de la Seine to the rade de Caen

P829 From the Rade de Caen to the Pointe de la percée

P830 From the Pointe de la Percée to the Pointe de Barfleur

P831 From the Pointe de Barfleur to Cherbourg

P832 From Cherbourg to the Cap de Flamanville

P833 From the Cap de Flamanville to Pirou Plage

P834 From Havre de Lessay to the Pointe de Champeaux

P835 From the Baie du Mont Saint Michel to the Cap Fréhel

Cap Fréhel to Paimpol

P837 From Paimpol to Trébeurden

P838 From Paimpol to the Héaux de Bréhat Plateau de Barnouic

P839 From Trébeurden to the anse de Kernic

P840 From Trébeurden to the Chenal du Four

P841 From Ouessant to the Anse de Kervijen

P842 Chenal du Four - Ouessant - Mer d'Iroise

P843 From the Pointe de Dinan to the Audierne

P844 From the Baie d'Audierne to the Anse de Benodet

P845 From Guilvinec to the Pointe de Trévignon

P846 From Beg ar Véchen to the Passage de la Teignouse

P847 From the Ile de Groix to the Ile d'Heodic

P848 Golfe du Morbihan

P849 From Trinité sur Mer to the Baie de Pouliguen

P850 From the Pointe du Croisic to the Ile de Noirmoutier

P851 From the Ile de Noirmoutier to Brem sur Mer

P852 From the Sables d'Olonne to the Anse de the Aiguillon

P853 From the Pointe des Balaines to the Ile d'Oléron

P854 From the Ile d'Oléron to the Pointe de Grave

P855 La Gironde

P856 Lacanau

P857 From the Bassin d'Arcachon to Biscarrosse

P858 From Biscarrosse to Mimizan

P859 From Mimizan to Capbreton

P860 From Capbretron to the Frontière Espagnole

R221 Golfe du Morbihan partie Ouest

R222 Golfe du Morbihan partie Est

R234 Rade de Brest Est part

R235 Rade de Brest Ouest part

Mediterranean sea:

P920 From the Frontière Espagnole to Collioure

P921 From the Cap Béar to Canet Plage

P922 From Saint Cyprien to Cap Leucate

P923 From Cap Leucate to Gruissan

P924 From Gruissan to Cap d'Agde

P925 From the Cap D'Agde to Frontignan

P926 From Frontignan to Port Camargue

P927 From Port Camargue to the Pointe Beauduc

P928 From the Pointe Beauduc to the Cap Couronne

P929 From the Cap Couronne to the Cap Croisette

P930 From the Cap Croisette to the Cap Sicié

P931 From the Iles Embiez to the Ile de Porquerolles

P932 From the Iles d'Hyères to the Cap Camarat

P933 From the Cap Cavalaire to the Cap du Dramont

P934 From the Cap du Dramon to the Cap d'Antibes

P935 From the Iles de Lérins to the Cap Nero

P950 Corse Cap Corse

P951 Corse From Punta di Ghiunchi to the Punta di San Pellegrinu

P952 Corse From Punta di San Pellegrinu to the Foce di Tavignano

P953 Corse From Foce di Tavignano to the Ile de Pinarellu

P954 Corse From the Anse de Cannella to the Punta di u Capicciolu

P955 Corse Les Bouches de Bonifaccio

P956 Corse From the Moines to the Pointe de la Castagna

P957 Corse From the Golfe de Valinco to the Baie de Sagone

P958 Corse From the Golfe de Sagone to the Golfe de Girolata

P959 Corse From the Golfe de Porto to the Punta di Vallitone

P960 Corse From La Revellata to the Golfe de Saint-Florent

Antilles :

C721 Saint-Martin

C722 Saint-Martin - Marigot Bay - Lagon - Marina

C723 Saint-Barthelemy

C724 Saint-Barthelemy - Gustavia

C741 Guadeloupe

C742 Guadeloupe - North cost from Deshaie to la pointe de la Vigie

C743 Guadeloupe - From Pointe de La Vigie to l'Anse à l'Eau

C744 Guadeloupe - From moule to Petit Havre

C745 Guadeloupe - Pointe A Pitre

C746 Guadeloupe - From Gosier to la Pointe du Vieux-Fort

C747 Guadeloupe - From la Pointe Lezard to Trois Rivières

C748 Guadeloupe - From Grand Cul de Sac Marin to la Pointe Lezard

C749 Guadeloupe - Marie-Galante

C750 Guadeloupe - Les Saintes

C751 Guadeloupe - La Desirade

C771 Martinique

C772 Martinique - NO of Sainte-Marie to la baie de Fort de France

C773 Martinique - NE From Havre du Robert to la Pointe Raisiniers

C774 Martinique - SE From Sainte-Luce to Havre du Robert

C775 Martinique - SO From la baie de Fort de France to Sainte-Luce

C776 Martinique - Bay of Fort de France

C777 Martinique - Marin Sainte-Anne

These coastal nautical charts using IGN ©, SHOM ©, SCANLITTORAL® data are provided to users of the StarNavPilot software under our general distribution license authorizing us to distribute these documents with StarNavPilot (Convention n ° 10,896 / IGN). The charts provided have an average definition of 14,000 pixels / ° Lat and cover the entire French coastal area. The charts are mounted and linked so that the sequence between them is invisible in use. You navigate as if a single chart covers the entire area.


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