How to create course marks or waypoints ?


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How to create course marks or waypoints ?

You can create course marks in different ways:

Right-click on the chart at the desired location and choose Create Course Mark Here.

From the same menu you can click on Create a course mark at the current position. A new course mark is created at the boat's position with an automatically generated name.

You can press the F2 key or the X button on the road management touchscreen control panel to instantly create a course mark at the current position.

From the Course Marks tab of the left panel, click New Course Mark, provide a name, enter the position (possibly from the clipboard), click the default icon if you want to change it and select a new suitable image, enter a comment if necessary and click on Save.

A course mark may or not be surrounded by an approach warning area.

Some icons available in the program can be used to create route marks, virtual markup, etc. You can also use any graphics file available on your computer.

250 icônes disponibles

For more information see the section Route Marks

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