How reliable is StarNavPilot?


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StarNavPilot ®

Computer-aided maritime navigation.

Maritime navigation and piloting software that adapts to all types of navigation. Whether you are sailing for pleasure or for work. Whether you use a sailing boat or a motor boat.

World compatible navigation software.

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How reliable is StarNavPilot?

StarNavPilot une stabilité de fonctionnement à toute 
épreuveThe operational stability of this type of navigation software is essential. Navigation software can be used for long periods of time sometimes lasting several weeks on an interrupted basis.

It depends on external instruments connected to it (GPS, AIS, pilot, data multiplexer etc.). On small boats with little energy autonomy, it must be able to accept computer standby and be immediately operational when it comes out of standby. For this StarNavPilot uses service technology.

For example with software that does not use this technology, the fact of accidentally or not unplugging a USB socket (bad contact) will cause the program and sometimes the computer to freeze, requiring a restart. With StarNavPilot, it is possible to disconnect a USB plug and then possibly reconnect it to another socket while the program is running without causing more than a few seconds of positioning delay. The service manager will detect the problem and restart the NMEA communication engine which will automatically detect the port to which the USB plug has been reconnected since the ports used by the various devices (GPS, AIS) are detected automatically.

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