How is autopilot with StarNavPilot different?


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How is autopilot with StarNavPilot different?

StarNavPilot et le pilotage automatiqueThe autopilot system performed by StarNavPilot is actually a satellite guidance system.

While a simple automatic piloting system will be content to keep the boat in a constant orientation between the axis of the boat and magnetic North, a guidance system will constantly change this orientation to always bring the boat back on a line going from starting point of the current route section at its end point. The system will take into account the characteristics of the current section of the route, the distance to the point of arrival, the current deviation from the axis of the section of road, the speed of the boat and its characteristics (parameters of steering) to constantly send the course correction to the autopilot. The boat does not therefore systematically sail towards the point to be reached but makes a heading allowing it to reach the route to be followed. The causes of drift are therefore automatically compensated at all times and the boat does not stray from the road.

The system will perfectly manage waypoint approaches and route section changes. It is thus possible to perfectly follow a channel (real or virtual) without deviating from it.

automatique et guidage par satellite StarNavPilot

Difference between an automatic piloting with a simple update of the heading instruction according to the bearing of the target and the guidance by GPS (satellite guidance) of StarNavPilot for following a section of the route with a cross current.

For more information see the page: Autopilot or GPS guidance also called satellite guidance

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