How can I create a route in StarNavPilot?


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How can I create a route in StarNavPilot?

You can create routes using any points on the chart (right click) or course marks as well as any geo-referenced element displayed on the chart. You can create a route from a track. For example to create a return route.

To create a route:

If the starting point of the route is the current boat position, right-click on the first point you want to go to and choose Go To This Point. The Route tab opens. Enter the maximum route deviation allowed for this route section (XTE) and click Save. The route is activated immediately.

To create a route from a point that is not the current position, choose Add this point to route.

To add points to this route, right click on the chart and choose Add this point to the route. You can choose a maximum route deviation (XTE) for this route section or leave the same value as for the previous section. If XTE Auto is checked the same XTE will be reloaded for each new point added. In this case the new points are added without having to click on Save. This speeds up the creation of a route with a constant maximum allowable route deviation (XTE).
You can give this waypoint a name or leave the value assigned automatically. Click on Save.

IMPORTANT: You can create safety routes where the maximum allowable course deviation (XTE) varies from narrow in navigation areas near hazards to widen when there is space available on either side of the route (very useful for sailboats).

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