GPS, Galileo, Beidou, Glonass?


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GPS, Galileo, Beidou, Glonass?

Galileo :

StarNavPilot et le système 
GalileoGalileo is a satellite positioning system developed by the European Union whose deployment should be completed around 2041. Like the American GPS, Russian GLONASS and Chinese Beidou systems, it allows a user equipped with a reception terminal to get its position. The expected accuracy for the basic, free service is 4 m horizontally and 8 m at altitude. StarNavPilot can use the positioning data obtained from the Galileo system if the positioner complies with the NMEA0183 standard which is generally the case.

GPS (Global Positionning System) :

StarNavPilot est compatible avec le système GPSGPS, originally known as Navstar GPS, is a satellite positioning system owned by the United States federal government. Set up by the United States Department of Defense for military purposes starting in 1973, the system has been fully operational since 1995 with twenty-four satellites.

Glonass :

StarNavPilot est compatible 
avec le système glonassGlonass is a satellite positioning system of Soviet origin whose operation is similar to that of GPS. Like the GPS system, it uses twenty-four satellites in medium orbit. The Glonass system has been operational since 1996 but the economic crisis which hit Russia in the late 1990s no longer allowed it to maintain a sufficient number of satellites and the service was suspended. The Glonass system was then put back into service in the years 2010. The system currently uses Ouragan-M and Ouragan-K satellites with which the accuracy reaches 20 meters in the horizontal plane, 30 meters in the vertical plane and 5 cm / s in speed. The lifespan of these satellites is seven years. The service can be degraded by political decision.

Beidou :

StarNavPilot est compatible avec le système BeidouInitially, the Beidou system was distinguished from other systems (GPS, Galileo, Glonass) by the use of Geostationary satellites (therefore in higher orbit). The start-up of the system on 2 communication satellites and then 4 subsequently demonstrated that it was possible to obtain in these conditions a precision comparable to that of the GPS system on the civil channel. First 100m. then 20m. using a bidirectional system. Beidou2 and Beidou3 came to replace Beidou1 and currently the system operates using 30 satellites including 3 geostationary, 3 in geosynchronous orbit inclined at 55 ° and 24 in medium orbit at 22,000 km. The theoretical accuracy of the system can reach 10 cm in the Asia and Pacific region, for its military version only.

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