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StarNavPilot: Free nautical chart La Gironde.

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The marine chart La Gironde is present in the library of free nautical charts supplied with the software StarNavPilot as well as the 70 other cards that make up this cartography. This is a raster cartography of 71 linked charts covering the entire French coast from the Belgian border to the Spanish border for the Atlantic coast and border Spanish at the Italian border plus Corsica for the Mediterranean coast.

To be able to use the chart:
La Gironde

Download and install StarNavPilot:

Téléchargement gratuit de StarNavPilot

Ultra fast automatic installation in 3 clicks.

Installation without any modification of the system. No administrator access required.

Complete uninstallation from the Start menu.

The nautical chart P855: La Gironde :

La carte StarNavPilot P855: La Gironde

Chart detail preview:

This part of chart taken at random from the chart collection allows you to get an idea of the details displayed. The average definition of the charts is 18000 pixels / ° Lat. Each chart represents approximately between 8000 and 14000 pixels in its largest dimension. These charts therefore have a scale corresponding to the category "Coastal charts ".

Ce morceau de carte pris au hasard dans
              la cartographie vous permet de vous faire une idée des détails

These nautical charts come from IGN ©, SHOM ©, SCANLITTORAL® data for which a license from distribution "wide distribution" is granted to us (Convention n ° 10,896 / IGN). We offer these charts to StarNavPilot software users .


StarNavPilot navigation system and navigation software

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Maritime navigation software, navigation center, multifunction screen for Windows.

Supplied with a complete cartography of the French coasts.

Compatible with all GPS / Glonnas / Galileo NMEA. Automatic positioner detection.

Compatible with all AIS receivers or beacons. Automatic detection of AIS receiver.

Fully configurable display with 9 instrument screens + 3 control panels.

Compatible raster maps, vector maps, paper chart scans, any chart graphics file.

Configurable speech synthesis for route tracking and alarms.

SmartCPA intelligent collision warning system.

Display of GRIB weather files.

Display of currents.

Satellite guidance type autopilot control.

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