Download weather GRIB files


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Download weather GRIB files

StarNavPilot les données du NOAA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the world's leading provider of weather data. Using NOAA data is the best guarantee of reliability. The weather files we provide in this GRIB file download center are compiled by our server using data made available directly to the world by NOAA. You can download the GRIB files corresponding to the areas that we have predefined or define yourself the area that interests you anywhere in the world. These files are provided in GRB format. The pitch of the grid is 0.25 °. The format of these files makes installation quick. Although compatible with all GRIB file viewing programs, we recommend that you use StarNavPilot for viewing these files. These files are optimized for fast loading in StarNavPilot.

Downloading NOAA GRIB data files:

The files uploaded here are up to date with the latest data available on the NOAA server.

(*) Why am I asking for my email address?
Compiling GRIB files requires significant resources from the server. Sending a lot of automated requests could block it. We therefore ask you to enter your email address manually to show that you are not a robot. From a certain download volume, you may be asked to provide an authorization code received by email at this address. The email address must therefore be valid.

Accuracy of weather data:

Up to 3 days we speak of forecasts.

from 3 to 5 days we speak of probabilities.

beyond 5 days we talk about trends.

GRIB files older than 3 days should only be used in perfectly modeled areas (eg North Atlantic) and in the absence of exceptional phenomena.

IMPORTANT: Never rely on GRIB files for monitoring tropical phenomena (tropical depressions and cyclones) even at short notice. Use MeteoFax32.

These GRIB files are created from data provided by NOAA. We do not make any changes to this data and therefore are not responsible for the accuracy of the forecasts.

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