The free download center for weather and current GRIB files:


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StarNavPilot ®

Computer-aided maritime navigation.

Maritime navigation and piloting software that adapts to all types of navigation. Whether you are sailing for pleasure or for work. Whether you use a sailing boat or a motor boat.

World compatible navigation software.

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The free download center for weather and current GRIB files:

You can install files containing weather data, tidal currents, or in some cases both.

Weather files:

StarNavPilot les données du NOAA


The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) collects meteorological data from around the world. Our GRIB file server directly uses this data made available worldwide by NOAA to compile the GRIB files we provide to you. These GRIB files are available worldwide. You can use the available predefined fields or create the zone for which you want to load data. Deadlines are available up to 7 days. They are provided in GRB format. The pitch of the grid is 0.25 °. Although compatible with all GRIB file viewing software, we recommend using StarNavPilot. These files are optimized for fast loading in StarNavPilot.

Access the free download of weather GRIB files

Current files (tidal currents and ocean currents):

MyOcean :

Current files in GRIB .grb.gz or .grb.bz2 format usable directly in StarNavPilot. To always have the currents up to date on your charts, in the Winds and Currents tab define the zone to load corresponding to your navigation zone. These files are narrow meshed and cover large areas. It is therefore preferable to limit the loading to the useful area to avoid long installation times. Install the corresponding GRIB file (eg Channel, Brittany ...). StarNavPilot will always display the up-to-date deadline. Then you just have to update the file by downloading once a week to always have the currents up to date.

Access the free download of current GRIB files

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