Does StarNavPilot display AIS?


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Does StarNavPilot display AIS?

StarNavPilot displays the information received by an AIS receiver. The detection of the AIS receiver is automatic. The receiver (AIS transponder, AIS receiver, VHF with AIS receiver included ...) must be connected to the PC via a serial or USB port.

AIS Automatic Identification System

Under these conditions all the ships in the area are displayed on the map as well as their route. You can reduce the size of the boat icons to reduce clutter near port areas or in high traffic areas. From the map you can access the characteristics of each of them.

StarNavPilot also has a radar type display with extrapolation of the progress of the entire fleet.

Le radar A.I.S. StarNavPilot

See an overview of the operating principle.

StarNavPilot has an anti-collision alarm service which warns you of any risk of collision with another vessel by continuously calculating the course forecasts of your boat and of all the vessels in the area.
The anti-collision alarm service uses the SmartCPA system to adapt the minimum distance you can approach a boat according to its speed and size.

Triggering of a risk of collision alarm:

alarme ais smartcpa

The voice synthesis will announce: 'Attention risk of collision in 5 minutes':

AIS instrument-type multi-function display

Le radar AIS

A multifunction screen configuration highlighting the AIS radar:

Autre exemple d'écran 
configuré manuellement

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