Danger areas to completely secure a navigation area:


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StarNavPilot ®

Computer-aided maritime navigation.

Maritime navigation and piloting software that adapts to all types of navigation. Whether you are sailing for pleasure or for work. Whether you use a sailing boat or a motor boat.

World compatible navigation software.

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Danger areas to completely secure a navigation area:

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Danger areas make it possible to delimit an area of any shape around a danger, for example: an area of reefs, the edges of a channel. When the boat enters the area, the area display is modified and an audible alarm is triggered (alert sound plus voice synthesis message). The display of areas is different depending on whether the boat is in the area or outside the area.

We can act on the color of the lines, their thickness and their style when the boat is outside or in a danger area. It is possible to obtain a very discreet display of the areas when the boat is outside an area so as not to overload the map and a very visible display as soon as the boat enters an area.

By using danger areas you can secure the whole of a planned navigation.

The number of danger areas is not limited.

Example of a danger area to ward off a reef:

Zone de dangers bateau 
en dehors de la zone

Boat entering the danger area:

zone de danger bateau entrant dans la zone

Example of a very discreet display when the boat is outside the area and very visible when the boat enters a area:

Exemple d'affichage des zones de 

Tracing a danger area only takes a few seconds and is done directly on the current chart. The recording of the danger area is independent of the chart. If you change the chart, the danger area is displayed on the new chart.

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