StarNavPilot: Maritime navigation software, navigation center, multifunction screen, chartplotter.


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StarNavPilot ®

Computer-aided maritime navigation.

Maritime navigation and piloting software that adapts to all types of navigation. Whether you are sailing for pleasure or for work. Whether you use a sailing boat or a motor boat.

World compatible navigation software.

Languages available: drapeau français drapeau français drapeau espagnol drapeau italien drapeau portugais drapeau allemand

StarNavPilot: Maritime navigation software, navigation center, multifunction screen, chartplotter.


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Central navigation mode:

La centrale de navigation StarNavPilot

StarNavPilot is not only a navigation software or chart plotter but a complete navigation unit or multifunction screen allowing an optimal use of the screen surface with display of all the onboard instruments in small independent windows, aesthetic and contrasting for good visibility of repeaters. Your screen is fully configurable.

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Nautical charts:

Compatibilité cartographie, cartes marines gratuites

StarNavPilot is compatible with raster, GeoTiff, vector marine charts, paper chart scans, any chart graphic file, SHOM charts. StarNavPilot is a world compatible navigation software. StarNavPilot has a cartography workshop for the digitization of paper charts. Creation of charts from screenshots etc ...

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AIS, Anti Collision, Radar:

AIS : Automatic Identification 

Reception of AIS signals (Automatic Identification System) with automatic detection of the receiver used. Display on the chart of the boats in the area. SmartCPA anti-collision alarm. Intelligent collision risk calculation system taking into account the characteristics of the ships encountered. Visual and audible alarm by voice synthesis in the event of a risk of collision. AIS radar with extrapolation of the situation.

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Même si le terme pilotage automatique est maintenu 
pour une meilleure compréhension, il s'agit en fait d'un guidage par GPS.

In StarnavPilot software, although the term autopilot is retained for better understanding, it is actually a guidance. A classic autopilot controlled by StarNavPilot transforms it into a powerful satellite guidance system allowing the boat to precisely follow a narrow channel.

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GRIB files:

Fichiers grib

Display of weather GRIB files. You can display the GRIB files as an overlay on the charts. All GRIB file formats are accepted. The display uses the normalized representation of wind vectors. The data is stored in an unlimited database. No need to reload the data each time. Removal of obsolete deadlines.

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Display of currents:

de courants dans la manche avec StarNavPilot

You can display the currents superimposed on the chart. The currents update automatically. The currents are visualized clearly by vectors whose color varies according to the speed of the current. You can adjust the display density.

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The connectivity:

The communication layer between StarNavPilot and the various 
instruments to which the software is connected uses independent services 
depending on the desired connection mode called positioning engines

The communication layer between StarNavPilot and the various instruments to which the software is connected (GPS, depth sounder, wind vane, electronic compass, autopilot, AIS receiver or transponder, etc.) uses independent services depending on the desired connection mode called positioning engines. StarNavPilot has 7 positioning engines.

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GPS compatibility:

Compatible avec tout GPS NMEA

Compatible with all GPS / Glonass / Galileo NMEA positioners connected to serial / usb / bluetooth port and USB antennas. Automatic detection of GPS and NMEA version used. Totally plug and play no configuration required. Launch the software, turn on the GPS, you are located on the chart.

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Use on tablet:

StarNavPilot sur votre tablette

In addition to viewing the software on the computer, you can configure a wifi connection to view and control the software from a tablet. Thanks to the tactile button panels available for the most useful controls in navigation, you manage your boat at your fingertips without having to be near the computer. All your instruments are available on the tablet. Forget the computer and focus on your navigation.

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NMEA multiplexer:

Le multiplexeur MUX043-2 S permet de profiter pleinement du mode 
centrale de navigation en centralisant les informations de tous vos appareils de 

The MUX043-2S multiplexer allows you to take full advantage of the central navigation mode by centralizing the information of all your navigation devices. Connect the GPS, depth sounder, wind vane, electronic compass and autopilot to StarNavPilot. On the other hand it has a hardware key (dongle) allowing the use of the software on any computer connected to the device without having to activate the program by registering a license.

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Vocal synthesis:

Synthèse vocale configurable : suivit de route, alarmes d'écart de 
route, rapports de navigation, alarmes diverses...

Configurable speech synthesis: route monitoring, navigation reports, course deviation alarms, danger areas approach alarms, risk of collision ... The only marine navigation software with speech synthesis.

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The routes:

Création de 
routes avec zone d'écart de route maximum variable. Alarme sur écart de route 
visuelle et vocale. Pas de limite du nombre de routes ni du nombre de points de 
route par route. Possibilité d'inverser une route pour obtenir une route de 

Creation of routes with variable maximum course deviation area. Visual and vocal alarm on course deviation. No limit to the number of routes or the number of waypoints per route. Possibility of reversing a route to obtain a return route. Creation of a return route from the track of the boat. Automatic localization of the section of routes most suitable from the position.

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Foolproof operating stability:

StarNavPilot une stabilité de fonctionnement à 
toute épreuve

The stability of navigation software is an important element. Navigation software is dynamic and can be used for long periods, sometimes several weeks without interruption. It is dependent on the external instruments to which it is connected (GPS, AIS, pilot, data multiplexer etc ...). On modest-sized boats with little energy autonomy, it must be able to withstand computer standby without hindrance and be immediately available when the computer wakes up.

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Export and Import of data:

StarNavPilot exportation et importation des donnees

Everything you save, configure, install in StarNavPilot can be exported to libraries that you can recall as needed. Create profiles for the different uses of the program: navigation, preparation of navigation, work on cartography etc ... Prepare your navigation, your cartography, your routes, your course marks, your safety areas, your notes etc ... and even all the configuration of the program on a computer at your home.

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Nombre illimité de marques de parcours configurables 
et personnalisable par tout type de fichiers graphiques.

Save an unlimited number of waypionts with or without approach alarm. Use the provided icon library or any type of graphic file of any size. Create a virtual channel. Set up approach warnings or use course markers to quickly create routes. Annotate the course marks.

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Danger areas:

Danger areas

Creation of danger areas allowing to delimit an area of any shape around a danger such as an area of reefs, the edges of a channel etc ... When the boat enters the area, the display of the area is modified and an audible alarm is heard. By using danger areas you can secure the whole of a planned navigation. The display of danger areas is configurable.

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The trace of the boat:

Recording of 
the track of the boat without limit of the number of points and possibility of 
transforming a track into a route.

Recording of the track of the boat without limit of the number of points and possibility of instantly transforming a track into a return route. You can save the tracks and display them again. It is often a good way to find where we have been and to create routes from old tracks.

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Les annotations 
sur les cartes

Layer annotations on the chart allowing you to draw lines, polygons, texts, of all sizes and colors, place images, whatever you want anywhere by overlaying charts. Draw alignments and all kinds of landmarks. An annotation is not linked to a chart but to its position. You will find it again if you change of chart. Export / import of libraries.

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Independent windows:

Possibilité d'afficher plusieurs cartes à l'écran 
dans des fenêtres indépendantes

It is possible to open as many charts as necessary in independent windows. For example, in addition to the coastal chart displayed in the main window, you open in a secondary window the plan of the port to which you are sailing and in another an aerial view created from Google map.

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Man overboard safety:

sécurité homme à la mer relayant automatiquement le déclenchement de la 
fonction MOB du GPS ou de tout dispositif de détection automatique de chute à 
la mer d'une personne.

Man overboard function relaying the triggering of the MOB function of the GPS or any device for automatically detecting a person falling overboard. Ideally, the man-over-sea alarm should be triggered from the GPS. In the case of using a GPS antenna, the triggering can be done from StarNavPilot.

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Téléchargez StarNavPilot Logiciel de navigation maritime assistée par 
ordinateur compatible NMEA 183 pour tout PC sous Windows XP, Vista, 7 en version 
32 ou 64 bits

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Achetez StarNavPilot 
Logiciel de navigation maritime assistée par ordinateur compatible NMEA 183 
pour tout PC sous Windows XP, Vista, 7 en version 32 ou 64 bits

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World compatible navigation software.