Can StarNavPilot use paper charts?


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Can StarNavPilot use paper charts?

StarNavPilot has all the necessary tools to easily digitize your paper charts and geo-reference them for use in the software.

A raster chart is only a copy of a paper chart to which georeferencing information has been added to allow the software to know the geographical position of each of its pixels.

StarNavPilot is compatible with all graphics file formats. To digitize a paper chart , it suffices to obtain the graphic file of this chart.

There are several ways to get this file:

The easiest way is to have your paper charts scanned in a digital print shop and load them directly into StarNavPilot. The operation costs only a few Euros per chart and you recover your files on a USB key. The optimal scan definition to use is 300dpi.

scanner vos cartes par une imprimerie numérique

If you have a good quality camera you can use it to capture your charts. With a little care it is possible to obtain very beautiful charts with this method. Don't worry if your shot distorts the chart somehow, the advanced features of StarNavPilot will allow you to get a perfect chart as precise as the original.

Numérisez vos cartes avec un appareil photo

It is also possible to scan a chart with a desktop scanner (preferably at least A3) and assemble the pieces in the StarNavPilot cartography workshop. ChartCreator.But this method, which was mainly used before the availability of A0 scanners, is no longer widely used because of its length. On the other hand, it can prove to be effective for the creation of port plans. The StarNavPilot cartograhy workshopChartCreator is mostly used to create maps from screenshots on online viewers.

For more information see the section Scanning nautical charts

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