StarNavPilot: Annotations layer


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StarNavPilot: Annotations layer

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Les annotations sur les cartes

Annotations are texts, lines, polygons of any shape or images displayed on charts as needed. You can choose the sizes and colors of the characters for the texts, the thickness and the color of the lines for the lines and the polygons. Images can be displayed with the desired orientation. Example of use display alignments, streamlines, telephone numbers of marinas, the outlines of your detailed charts and port plans, photos of the coast seen from a certain angle etc ... Exporting and importing annotation libraries makes this feature very useful for trainers.

To create an annotation, right-click on the chosen location and select the desired type of annotation from the context menu. The annotation tab is displayed. If you chose the text annotation, enter the text. You can choose the color and size of the text. If you have chosen a line or a polygon, click on the corresponding points on the chart. If you chose an image, select the image file to use. Click Save to save the annotation. Once the annotation is saved, close the Annotations tab.

The annotation layer is used automatically by the program to display an overview of all the routes that you have saved in your routes library, the outline of all installed charts, the display of saved tracks.

You can name each annotation with a meaningful name, but if you don't name it, a name will automatically be generated from the annotation's position or its text, as appropriate.

You can use annotations to display whatever you want on the charts: notes, marks, alignments ... An annotation is independent of the chart from which it was created. If you change the chart, you will find your notes on the new chart displayed.

Example: You can automatically create the annotations of the outlines of your charts in order to display on your large-scale charts the outline of your detailed charts as well as the name of the chart in a corner.

To edit annotations, choose Edit Annotations from the context menu or just open the Annotations tab. An edit symbol is displayed at the origin point or at the location of the annotation

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