AIS : Automatic Identification System in StarNavPilot


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AIS : Automatic Identification System in StarNavPilot

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AIS : Automatic Identification 

The AIS (Automatic Identification System) was designed to help ships avoid collisions and help port authorities to better control maritime traffic. AIS transponders on ships have a GPS (Global Positioning System) which collects positions and movements. They also include a VHF transmitter which periodically transmits this information on two VHF channels (frequencies 161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz - former channels 87 and 88) and makes this data available to ships in the area and to land-based traffic control stations. Other ships or stations are able to receive this information using compatible software and can display this data on a computer. All vessels over 40 meters or 400 tons must be equipped with an AIS transponder.

StarNavPilot allows the decoding and display of information received by an AIS receiver. The receiver (AIS transponder, AIS receiver, VHF with AIS receiver included ...) must be connected to the PC. The detection of the AIS receiver is automatic.

AIS Automatic Identification System

AIS while crossing the Channel: A situation requiring a diversion.

Le radar A.I.S. :

Le radar A.I.S. StarNavPilot

The A.I.S. radar type allows to have a precise view of the vessels in the VHF range. It allows to calculate and display the projection of the position of the boat and of each A.I.S. up to 10 minutes using each vessel's course and heading settings. This provides a clear view of the evolution of the situation and the risk of collision. The eventual decision to change course or speed will be made on the basis of this projection and the effect of the change in course or speed can be immediately assessed. It is possible to launch an animation of the projection of the situation for the next 6 minutes. This animation allows a quick assessment of the risk of collision. The animation can be displayed once or in a loop. The radar has a decentering function. The range is adjustable from 0.1 to 10 Miles per circle. The size of the icons is adjustable. The simple flight over an A.I.S. with the cursor displays the basic data of the vessel. Clicking on an A.I.S. gives access to the detailed characteristics of the vessel.See an overview of the operating principle.

The SmartCPA collision avoidance system:

AIS : Automatic Identification System

The anti-collision alarm service warns you of any risk of collision with another vessel by continuously calculating the course forecasts of your boat and of all the vessels in the area.
StarNavPilot's collision warning service uses the SmartCPA system to adapt the minimum distance you can approach a ship depending on its speed and size. Because we can afford to pass closer to a 12-meter pleasure sailboat moving at 6 knots than a 300-meter tanker moving at 25 knots.

You can turn the alarm on or off.

You can activate or deactivate the SmartCPA system

You can exclude all not moving ships from the alarm. Ships that are stationary generally present less risk of collision. Being able to exclude them from the alarm allows you to get the most out of the alarm in congested port areas.

You can adjust the Basic Approach Distance (CPA) and Maximum Lookout Time (TCPA).

If SmartCPA is active, the CPA used will vary depending on the settings of the vessels likely to be on your route and their speed.

An AIS collision risk alarm in 5 minutes:

alarme ais smartcpa

If it is activated, the speech synthesizer will say: 'Attention risk of collision in 5 minutes'.

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