AIS data simulator:


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AIS data simulator:

StarNavPilotThe AIS data simulator allows you to generate as many AIS targets as needed and display them on the screen. It generates both static vessel data (MMSI, name, size, etc.) and dynamic data (position, heading, speed, etc.). Each vessel is active, that is to say it moves on the screen, its track is recorded. Anti-collision alarms are functional. The AIS radar is operational. In fact, the operation is completely identical to the reception of AIS data via an AIS transponder or receiver, but the AIS data is simulated. The AIS data simulator is generally used in conjunction with the NMEA simulator.

Creation of 
an AIS virtual target dialog box
Adjustment or creation of an AIS virtual target dialog box.

To create a new vessel enter the MMSI, the name of the vessel, its dimensions etc ... Enter the desired position of the vessel (copy paste on the map), set its speed and its course. Activate the vessel.

You can save the vessel so that you can reopen it later in its position.

This function is very useful for analyzing the behavior of anti-collision alarms but especially in training to learn the decisions to be taken in difficult situations (congested channel, navigation in separation rails, port approach, etc.). Learning the rules of the helm and the course. Radar navigation training.

Example of a simulation in a traffic separation rail:

StarNavPilot ais simulator in situation
Display of simulated AIS targets on the chart.

ais simulator on radar
Display of simulated AIS targets on the radar.

Although it seems obvious, we would like to point out that a vessel created with this AIS simulator is only visible on your screen even if the software is connected to an active AIS transponder. There is no risk of creating a ghost vessel visible to other boats in the area using this simulator.

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