What type of receiver can I use?


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WeatherFax decoding software with especially dedicated modem.



The only way to receive reliable weather information on all the oceans of the world WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION.

For sailors who sail the high seas around the world. The offshore marine reference on seven seas.

What type of receiver can I use?

Meteofax32 is compatible with any SSB receiver with 0.1 kHz or less synthesizer wich can receive under the proper conditions bands 4-12 MHz (3.5 to 14 MHz) with a headset or external speaker output:

The choice of the receiver used with MeteoFax32 therefore arises at several levels:

Fixed or portable receiver alone or transmitter / receiver:

1: Portable devices (receivers only): The use of portable devices such as Sangean909 quality is sufficient in areas well covered by stations such as northern Europe or the United States areas. Some boats have been around the world with this type of receiver and MeteoFax32. The performance of this type of receiver is still less good than those of fixed receiver and results may be less constant in poorly covered such as the Indian Ocean areas. Moreover, these devices are much more sensitive to local disturbances generated by the boat operated devices: converters, refrigerators etc. (and sometimes the computer) it is sometimes necessary to treat the wiring on the boat to avoid excessive radiation by it. The new modem MeteoFax32 is designed to avoid any disruption to reach the receiver thanks to its insulated input. This feature is very important for the use of some particularly sensitive to disturbance receivers .

2: Fixed installation:

Single receiver: You can use traffic receivers amateur as the IcomICR 8500 or Yaesu FRG5000 but the price and the degree of sophistication of this type of device is not justified compared to the price of a transmitter / receiver even if you use it only as a receiver. Another interesting solution is the remote receiver PCR1000 or 1500 controlled by the computer. The price is reasonable and power consumption is low (the PCR1500 can be equipped with a facade in addition to control by pc). This choice is interesting for use with MeteoFax32.

Transmitter / Receiver: The ideal solution for offshore navigation safety and comfort provided by the ability to communicate reliably at sea or with shore stations or other boats. All devices in this category are compatible with MeteoFax32 and guarantee global coverage at sea You can choose a unit designed for amateur radio and generally less expensive (ICOM IC718 etc. ..) or marine range (ICOM ICM802 ICM710 etc. ..) if you absolutely need a maritime HF radio callsign. ICOM, KENWOOD and YEASU brands offer an extensive range where you can choose a device according to your budget. Consider the size and weight of the device  (some devices have a remote facade others not), the ability to control the device by the PC using software provided by the manufacturer (if the unit is installed away from the computer).

3 devices unsuitable for their known defects:

TARGET HF3W or NASA HF3W: inefficient appliances with many models are defective. Low sensitivity but very sensitive to intermodulation. No headphones or external speaker output, the only output available is an output originally designed to use an old DOS software that is not compatible with today's computers. However, a simple change is possible to adapt the output and allow it to connect a modem (without improving the performance of the device) Click here.

SONY SWxxx: Devices usable only with good reception conditions and in a clean eclectric radio environment.

Hope these few information in commercial independence can help you in your choice. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, compatibility of a particular device for a special installation tips etc. ...