MeteoFax32: The analog filtering performed before decoding. Aragon-Technologies


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WeatherFax decoding software with especially dedicated modem.



The only way to receive reliable weather information on all the oceans of the world WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION.

For sailors who sail the high seas around the world. The offshore marine reference on seven seas.

MeteoFax32 The analog filtering performed before decoding.

The first step in processing the signal from the receiver in the modem MeteoFax32 is the analog filtering.

1. Example of a radio facsimile signal in perfect reception conditions:

The useful part of the signal is perfectly separated from the background noise.

Signal radiofacsimile de trés bonne qualité.

2. Example of a signal received in very bad reception conditions. The signal can not be decoded like that.

Signal radiofacsimile de trés mauvaise qualité

3. The same signal taken on filter output: even if it is not as clean as in the first example this signal will give a readable document.

Signal radiofacsimile de trés mauvaise qualité traité par le filtre analogique de MétéoFax32

In some extreme cases the modem MeteoFax32 will get readable documents even if the signal is barely audible in the receiver.

NOTE: Those 3D spectral analysis were performed using the software OscilloSpectroXpro.