How is the modem MeteoFax32?   


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WeatherFax decoding software with especially dedicated modem.



The only way to receive reliable weather information on all the oceans of the world WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION.

For sailors who sail the high seas around the world. The offshore marine reference on seven seas.

How is the modem MeteoFax32?

What type of receiver can I use?

How is the modem MeteoFax32?

Can I use MeteoFax32 together with a navigation software?

Why MeteoFax32 does not use the sound card of the computer to demodulate the signal?

MeteoFax32 can download GRIB files?

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The modem MeteoFax32 4.2:

The modem MeteoFax32 4.2

This unit must be plugged into a USB port (for USB port version) or a 9-pin serial port (for RS232 serial output version) and to the headphone or external speaker output of the receiver. It must be powered from a 12V source. Consumption of modem is very low (40 mA). The modem has an additional output 3.5 mm jack can be connected to the microphone jack of the computer via a jack / jack cable for monitoring the radiofacsimile signal by the sound card of the computer. The modem is detected automatically by the program. See The modem

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