Replacement of a speed loch transducer by a NMEA to analog paddlewheel signal converter.   


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Amplificateur NMEA

NMEA Amplifier

Multiplexer NMEA

NMEA Multiplexer

Interface loch

Speed Loch Interface

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Weather Fax Modem

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Computer Interface

Adaptateur USB-NMEA-AIS

USB-NMEA-AIS adapter


Logiciel meteo

Weather Fax Decoding

Logiciel de navigation

Navigation Software

Replacement of a speed loch transducer by a NMEA to analog paddlewheel signal converter.

Note: For professional ships, this device is also available with 200PPNM output. More info.

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Remplacement des sondes de loch speedometre par un Convertisseur NMEA0183 vers Loch Speedomètre GPLS012


No speed transducer required.

No extra hole in your boat.

No cleaning of the paddle wheel.

Gives speed over the ground.

Unaffected by water currents.

More reliable than a paddlewheel.

More accurate than a paddlewheel.

Less expensive than a transducer

No adjustment necessary with most of the speed logs. Can also be used without speed log using the analogic output to connect a repeater.


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