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NMEA Amplifier

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NMEA Multiplexer

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Weather Fax Modem

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Navigation Software

NMEA Multiplexer 4 inputs MUX 043-L and MUX 043-S.

4 high sensitivity opto-isolated inputs. NMEA 0183, RS232 and USB outputs . 

NMEA Multiplexer 4 inputs MUX 043-L and MUX 043-S

Description of the NMEA multiplexer:

The MUX 043 NMEA multiplexer adds to the flow of data from the GPS, data from other navigation devices. NMEA sentences of these devices will be added to the sentences sent by the GPS. Examples of use: add to the GPS data the data provided by a depth meter, a wind sensor and a electronic magnetic compass to provide all necessary information to a computer or an autopilot.

The MUX 043 multiplexer automatically detects NMEA devices in use connected to inputs 1 to 4. When a GPS is connected to the input 1, GPS priority mode is activated so that in the case of a large volume of data on all inputs, priority is given to the positioning data from the GPS.

The multiplexer is equipped with withdrawable connectors allowing to remove the device without disconnecting the wiring. Easy installation without any configuration or settings. Provided with an installation manual.

Available in 2 versions:

  • MUX 043 L: 4 NMEA 0183 inputs to 1 NMEA 0183 Output
  • MUX 043-S: 4 NMEA 0183 inputs to 1 NMEA 0183 Output + 1 RS232 / USB output. Provided with USB cable (compatible Windows XP / Vista / 7/8, MacOS) (optional RS232 cable available).

Technical Specifications of MUX 043 multiplexer:

  • Inputs:

4 high sensitivity opto-isolated inputs.

  • Outputs:

 MUX 043-L: 1 NMEA 0183 Output 4800 baud.

MUX 043-S: 1 NMEA 0183 Output 4800 bauds + 1 RS232 / USB output

  • Comply with the NMEA0183 standard.
  • Automatic detection of used inputs.
  • Automatic detection of a GPS on input 1 for activation of GPS priority mode.
  • Direct transfer of data if only one input is in use.
  • LED display of inputs in use.
  • LED display of data transfer.
  • Withdrawable by connectors. Connection to wire with terminal strip.
  • Power supply: 12V. (9-18 V.)
  • Temperature: -30 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • Dimensions: 130x70x30 mm.
  • Weight: 280 gr.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

MUX 043-L (NMEA ouput) Prix : USD 211.00 USD 189.78 Ajouter 1 1 MUX
                043-L a mon panier

MUX 043-S (NMEA, RS232 and USB output) Prix : USD 283.00 USD 254.13 Ajouter 1 1 MUX
                043-L a mon panier

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