NMEA buffer amplifier 4 ouputs


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High efficiency NMEA amplifier 4 outputs.

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1 opto isolated high sensitivity input. 4 high power outputs. 1 coupling input/output . Gain> 1000 .

High efficiency NMEA amplifier 4 outputs

Description of the NMEA amplifier AMN0-2:

The AMN010-2 is a high efficiency NMEA amplifier. It corrects and amplifies the NMEA signal and send it on 4 independent NMEA outputs, which allows you to connect a device (eg, GPS) to multiple NMEA devices without risk of disruption due to an overload of the NMEA bus. Its NMEA input is optically isolated to eliminate the risk of disruption from ground loops or floating reference levels. Entry does not load the NMEA source to which it is connected. Its powerful and independent outputs can be used with any NMEA device whatever its input impedance. It solves the problems encountered with some devices where NMEA input becomes very low impedance when its power is off. It has an auxiliary input and output for coupling as many AMN010-2 as necessary to obtain the desired number of NMEA outputs. Its amplifacation ratio is greater than 1000. It works up to the 38400 baud (normal baudrate  of NMEA0183 is 4800 baud), which allows you to use it also with AIS signals.

Technical specifications of the NMEA amplifier AMN010-2:

Gain greater than 1000.

1 High sensitivity input with opto isolation.

4 independent high power NMEA outputs.

1 Auxiliary Input / output TTL levels for the coupling of several modules.

Speed ​​up to 38400 baud.

Compliant with NMEA 0183 standard.

Visualization of the data transfer by LED.

Power supply: 12V. (9-18 V.)

Dimensions : 100x90x32 mm.

Weight: 80 gr.

Warranty: 2 years.

Why use a NMEA amplifier?

An NMEA output should never be connected directly to several NMEA inputs due to the low impedance of NMEA inputs. There is a risk of loss of data and information used by different devices are not reliable because outdated. One device can disrupt all other devices.

Incorrect connection of several devices to a NMEA output:

Overloading the GPS NMEA output may cause data loss and malfunctions. Some devices cause a total collapse of the NMEA signal if they are directly connected to the NMEA bus while they are off.

Correct connection of several devices to a NMEA output:

The output of the GPS is no longer overloaded and the signal is sent with its optimum level to all devices. Each output is independent. A device can no longer disrupt the others.

Branchement incorrect de plusieurs appareils sur 1 sortie NMEA
Proper connection

The use of an amplifier NMEA is the assurance of a safe and reliable NMEA network. The reliability of NMEA data is very important in the case of the use of an autopilot system controlled by the NMEA bus.

If more than four outputs are required:

The NMEA amplifier AMN010-2 has a special intput / output for coupling as many MNEA010-2 as necessary to obtain the desired number of NMEA outputs without using any power output for coupling.

Coupling of 3 AMN010-2 in order to provide GPS data to 12 devices:

Branchement en serie de 2 amplificateurs NMEA ANM010-2 pour obtenir 12 sorties

The first module receives GPS data on the normal NMEA input. Data is available on the 4 power outputs (1-4). The coupling output  is used to send data to the second module which receives data on its coupling input. In addition to providing data on the power outputs (5-8), it provides data to the third module by its coupling output... It is thus possible to connect as many modules as required to obtain the desired number of outputs.

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