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Reinforced GPS active antenna NMEA high performance:


New generation GPS receiver.

Exceptional shock resistance.

Waterproof in immersion.

GPS Receiver GPS21 Aragon-Technologies

This high performance GPS antenna thanks to the use of a latest-generation GPS receiver (Go to technical information), designed for outdoor installation (flat deck or flat support) has reinforced mechanical characteristics. With its stocky, sturdy and small case, it is designed to be waterproof, able to withstand high shocks and winds of more than 300km/h (if the cable is properly secured and protected). It can also be installed indoors thanks to its small size. It is powered by 12 volts and has a NMEA0183 output in the same cable. It can be connected to any device requiring to know the position, speed, course etc ... (computer, radar, multifunction  screen, multiplexer ...). It is provided with 10m of cable.

IMPORTANT: The GPA21 is not a simple antenna to connect to an existing GPS but a complete GPS communicating in NMEA with all your navigation devices or computer.


GPS receiver GPS21 Aragon-Technologies crash test

Realized without special effects! (Click to enlarge the image)

The only GPS antenna that can withstand the weight of a car!

Even if you do not ride on your GPS antenna with your car, you will probably be reassured to know that it can withstand the falling of a spar, trampling by a member of the crew, the shock of a rope etc ... All common incidents that often destroy the usual GPS antennas.

2 years warranty.

GPS21-h (cable outlet at the back of the antenna) :


Price : USD 326.00

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GPS21-v (cable outlet below the antenna) :


Price : USD 326.00

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Technical characteristics of the antenna:

Receiver typer: 22 tracking / 66 acquisition channel GPS receiver GPS L1 C/A Code

Frequency of calculation: GPS high frequency 10Hz (10x per second). (High frequency calculation technology allows very stable positioning and displacement data)


Tracking: -167 dBm

Reacquisition: -160dBm

Cold starts: -147dBm

Time-To-First-Fix (typical values):

Cold start: 32s.

Warm start: <1s


Position: 2.5m. (static)

Speed: 0.1m/s. (DGPS 0.05m/s)

Acceleration: 0.1m/s2 (DGPS 0.05m/s2)

Time: 10ns.

Maximum altitude: 18000m

Maximum speed: 515 m/s (1854 Km/h ou 1000 Nd.)

Maximum acceleration: 4G

Operating temperature:

-40 to +85° C


Support EPO(TM) orbit prediction

Support Jamming removing function.

Low-noise amplifier has been integrated

Communication protocols: NMEA0183 4800Bd. Sentences GPRMC, GPGGA, GPGSA, GPGLL, every 2 seconds GPGSV every 10 seconds.

Power supply 12V. (9 to 18V.)

Ingress Protection: IP67 - IEC529 - NEMA4